Slapton Ley

08:20-12:50. Fresh to strong wsw wind, occasional showers and bright spells.

First time i've noticed any Woodpigeon movement this autumn, about 5100 flew south during the morning, quite a lot probably missed.( Also 300 south over West Charleton earlier ). In Ireland Bay were 6 Little Grebes, 50 Tufted Duck and a couple of Goldeneye. At Torcross a furthur 71 Tufted Duck, 250 Coot and the hybrid male Tufted Duck x Red-crested Pochard has returned ( must be getting old now, too old to dress like a punk rocker ). On the beach was a late Wheatear and a Dartford Warbler was in some gorse bushes near the Slapton turn.

Posted November 13th, 2015 at 2:45 pm by Perry Sanders in Bird News