a week at West Ogwell

Highlight of a week walking round West Ogwell area was a Black Redstart on the roof of High Holbeam (ref.822712)Thurs 29th, not seen after wet windy night on Friday 30th; possibly 1st yr male, as some white on wing; Also Monday 26th, 1 Swallow heading east; 2 small flocks of larus gulls heading NEast around 4-4.30pm, ~80no. total ALL juveniles/sub adult plumage, not a flash of white anywhere!  I've never seen this before.  Tues 27th Merlin heading south at ref. 801700. West Ogwell knoll had 50+ fieldfares, 30+ Redwings swirling around, much jay activity but could be 'only' 5 birds or many more. 

Posted November 3rd, 2015 at 6:01 pm by Dan Lupton in Bird News