River Caen, Veletor

Whilst walking beside the River Caen at Veletor this morning I saw a Cormorant and a Little Egret standing together at the waters edge. I watched as the Cormorant went into the water and was diving. After a few dives It surfaced and swam back to the Egret, which had been watching the activity. They then walked further downstream together and this happened again, the egret obviously intent to catch anything disturbed by the Cormorant. This happened again a bit further downstream.  The Cormorant then took flight, closely followed by the Egret and they continued this routine even further downstream. Eventually the Cormorant took flight again and was once more closely shadowed by the Egret, out across Sherpa Marsh, where I lost track of them. A great bit of behaviour which I have not seen before. I wonder how common this is?

Posted November 22nd, 2014 at 9:03 pm by Kelvin Irwin in Bird News