Exe Turf to Powderham

During the WeBS count this morning the tide was high and the only group of waders were 8 grey plover, 12 dunlin and 7 redshank roosting near the near bridge. This maybe a sign of things to come as that stretch of path becomes quieter enabling birds to roost.

Further towards the Turf the new cycle path was under water! Clearly the path is even below the fields so once again cyclists return to the footpath on the seawall.

James Diamond alerted me to a Black Brant amongst c500 brents just north of the Turf on the Exminster Marshes. A very striking individual. also of note were the large number of juvenille/first winter brents - obviously its been a good breeding season.

Overhead an almost continual movement of fieldfares (300+) and redwings (500+) all moving NE in small flocks of c60 birds.

On the fields to the south of Turf 4 stonechat, c6 meadow pipit and one rock pipit. One kingfisher on the seawall.


Posted November 16th, 2014 at 1:16 pm by John Waldon in Bird News