Clennon Valley

The Yellow-browed Warbler was still present this morning and now 3 eastern/Siberian 'tristis(?)' type Chiffchaffs. My question mark is due to the odd almost collybita/abietinus calls 2 of the very pale and washed out (not the normal buffy brown of tristis) chiffchaffs were giving - see video clip - didn't manage to film the bird unfortunately in this clip:  (I switch on a recoding of tristis song after 30 secs of the video)

These calls were identical to the pale eastern chiffchaff at Broadsands see posting and video clip for 22 Nov .

Here are some pictures of at least one of the two pale washed out eastern chiffchaffs, they both responded well to a recording of tristis song with wing quivering suggesting they are tristis or know tristis song very well! None responded to collybita song recordings. Another much warmer browner bird - a classic tristis also present occasionally gave the standard flat tristis 'iip' call.

 eastern Chiffchaff Clennon Valley 27 Nov 2013 ML   eastern Chiffchaff Clennon Valley 27 Nov 2013 ML2

eastern Chiffchaff Clennon Valley 27 Nov 2013 ML3

 Alan Dean started this discussion on calls and grey chiffchaffs:

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