White Fronted Goose

Having seen Matt Knott's report and photographs of a Juvenile White Fronted Goose from Gore Lane Exmouth I have made several visits to see it for myself. Today after an hour of watching from the gate  (with the the Exeter Chiefs quietly  on the radio in the background),  I bumped in to Mat (nice to meet you).... and he assured me that it was still around and somewhere in the field.  This gave me confidence to continue and then my perseverance paid off and I could suddenly see it.  Then  I coulnt believe my luck when it actually flew to the area in front of the gate.  Thanks Mat!  (Another species for my Devon Bird Photo Gallery, 182 species now). 

A very pretty bird in good condition and feeding on the leaves of the beet in the field.

Posted October 20th, 2013 at 9:11 pm by Charlie Flemng in Bird News