Berry Head - late am

Brief seawatch approx. 11:00-12:30. During a clearance in the weather some passage, though no doubt included some of the same birds seen by Mike L earlier: 2 Ad Mediterranean Gulls, 2 Pomarine Skuas, 5 Arctic Skuas, steady but light passage of Auks (mostly Razorbills), 9 Bonxies, 2 Sandwich Terns and 4 Harbour porpoises (inc. calf). Two interesting observations with the Bonxies, one flew straight in and landed on the rocks by the slope we walk up to the watchpoint - I've never seen a Bonxie actually land ashore there before. It casually preened and looked fairly relaxed and in good condition (but I had no camera!), but was then flushed by another seawatcher arriving who was unaware it was there, it then flew staight over our heads about 10ft up! The other of note, was a Bonxie chasing a storm-petrel sp., some 600m off the headland, only seen first in bins, by the time I got the scope on it, the Bonxie was sat on the water swallowing something petrel sized!

Posted October 9th, 2012 at 3:14 pm by Mark Darlaston in Bird News