fremington pill, isley marsh , lower tamar lake & roadford res.

we started the day at Fremington 9.30, in the first 5 mins we saw 8 cattle egrets flying out from the trees after roosting top end of the pil, then a glossy ibis came out from the same tree, 100 yards further up the road a spotted red shank was feeding in front of us,  after this we went to Isley Marsh , here we were lucky to see three spoonbills, a dog walker came along and walked down onto the shoreline and the dog was running everywhere, which put up all the birds, we spoked to the prerson about it , but it was a waste of time, " my dog is not out of control" was the answer, we left and went to Lower Tamar Lake,  here we saw  4 ringed neck ducks, willow tits, marsh tits and 11 goosesanders 2 great creasted grebe,  after this we went to roadford reservoir,  at the viaduct end , there were 100 plus canada geese, in with them there were 3 golden eye,  2 barnacle geese and a single pinkfoot goose. you could say " a good days birding!"

Posted January 18th at 5:59 pm by roger jewell& mike gibson in Bird News