Toll Road and Crow Point etc.

Smart Kingfisher near the Toll House, then down where the footpath is closed I was watching the slightly skittish flock of 1000+ Golden Plover when an exocet missile raced in from over the river. This Peregrine made a few unsuccessful passes before returning to where it had come from. I was also surprised (and delighted) to see a Little Owl on the roof of the barn where they used to breed. I was also able to scope 5 of the Spoonbills over the river at Isley Marsh. I might have seen 2 Chiffchaffs, but they were so quick I couldn't be sure. Down at Crow Point I could make out several Eider - mobile and diving off the Westward Ho! side. Good numbers of Dunlin on both the Caen and Horsey Island. Lapwings all over the place. As I got back to the Little Owl site - there were 2 of them! A stroll around the reserve revealed Goldcrest and 2 Reed Buntings, and then a lot of small birds in typical mobbing behaviour, so careful scrutiny showed a beady-eyed Tawny Owl looking down at me.

Posted January 4th, 2017 at 1:33 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News