Red legged Partridges at Galmpton

Thursday AM, 2 x RLP's between Waddeton and Galmpton, in the road at the very top of the hill leading out of Galmpton towards Stoke Gabriel. 4 x field entrances there, sometimes seen in all 4 fields. Late in the day, at dusk,  in the Waddeton dip, large bird of prey flew out of tree, reminded me of snipe in flight, rapid changes of direction, then flew parrallel with road, and looked like a double sized kestrel....any thoughts ?...Also (late this, as wifey broke her shoulder at the weekend), at least 50 Common Scoter off Preston beach, on Sunday, fairly well out, accurate count difficult, due to large swell.

Posted January 10th, 2014 at 12:02 pm by Trevor Leaman in Bird News