On a walk from Torcross to the bridge between the Lower and Higher Ley today a large raft of wildfowl were on the Ley at Torcross - amongst the numerous coot, gadwall, mallard, tufted duck and pochard I found 4 black-necked grebes, a male and female scaup, 3 male and 2 female goldeneye with the males busily displaying, a pair of wigeon and the male tufted duck/red crested pochard hybrid.

At the back of Ireland Bay were another 3 black necked grebes. From the Bridge 2 water rails were calling and I managed a brief view of 1 amongst the reeds. A Cettis warbler was heard singing and gave a brief flight view.

On the sea a great northern diver was feeding close to the shore with a red throated diver further out. 2 guillemots and a male and 8 female common scoters were also seen in the Bay.

Amongst the gulls bathing on the Ley were 8 adult lesser black backed gulls, showing a variation in sizes and back colouring with some birds much paler looking.

Not a bad day out in the bright sunshine with not a drop of rain in sight for a change.

Posted January 9th, 2014 at 8:32 pm by Stuart Green in Bird News