Pied wagtail roost

I've known about the Newton Abbot town centre wagtail roost for quite a while  -not seen yet personally but the signs are all there over the nearby seats and under the trees!

Was recently told by a Teignmothian that there were wagtails roosting in the Xmas tree in the Triangle-the tree has now of course been removed...

Last night at around 5pm daughter and I enjoyed eating tasty fish and chips in arctic conditions on seafront-on the plus side there were no begging herring gulls for once!

Looked in triangle for wagtails there were a few fluttering up and down from nearby roofs

However in a leafless small tree by bus stop there was a small roost of over 20 wagtails clinging to branches in very cold and blustery weather

Posted January 18th, 2013 at 7:04 pm by Jean Gitsham in Bird News