East Budleigh "Italian" Sparrow

A sparrow showing strong plumage characters of Italian Sparrow (with a slight bill deformity) has been present in East Budleigh for several days and is still present today. Thanks to the co-operation of some local residents and an RSPB donation of bird feeders I have been working hard to negotiate plans to enable the bird to be viewed for those that wish to see it. Previously only visible from private property, the bird is now visible from a more suitable specially organised viewing area on Wynards Road - See Map.

The bird is visiting feeders with the local House Sparrows. Please view this area from the pavement rather than the grassed area to avoid disturbance and to maintain privacy to local residents. If there is no sign of the bird here it is also visiting feeders in Cadbury Gardens where the local resident is aware of the bird's presence.

The bird does spend much of its time in private gardens and is often not visible from public rights of way.

Please view from one of 2 bird feeder locations shown on the map and be patient.
East Budleigh village has limited parking.

Please abide by the following simple rules to ensure any disruption to the local residents is kept to an absolute minimum.

1 - Parking as shown on Map
Free car park off Hayes Lane or on the main B3178 Road at Oak Hill

2 - Respect people’s privacy 
Please be patient as the bird will eventually visit one of the bird feeders shown on the map

Many thanks to one of the local residents for alerting me to this interesting looking bird in the first instance.

Posted November 11th, 2017 at 11:22 am by Chris Townend in Bird News