Strangest bird report yet...?

Jon Avon phoned earlier in the week with a description of a very strange 4ft high white bird running around a field in Denbury, Luckily Jon had other witness's nearby to confirm he was in a fit state of mind  - I like Jon was completely stumped by the bird (with thoughts of Bustards and Crane running through our heads) and asked if Jon could get a photo - he managed this one photo before the bird disappeared.

Rheqa Dendury Oct 2012

A photo does speak a thousand words to any birdwatcher trying to identify an odd bird and this photo proved the strange bird was a white Rhea (a sort of South American Ostrich) more at home in the rolling plains of Patagonia than a dull damp field near Newton Abbot! There are two species of Rhea a true expert might be able to sort out this to species level - if it was in natural colours, and size!

What's more intriguing is where it has come from and where has it gone - it couldn't fly away! How could a 4ft high (possibly more!) white, flightless bird disappear into countryside...

Posted November 2nd, 2012 at 5:54 pm by Mike Langman in Bird News