Around the exe

started at Bowling green marsh at 09:00 and watched till 12:00

A quiet morning suddenly shattered by a fantastic GULL BILLED TERN dropped in at 10:35 and continued to show well till it flew out to the estuary at about 11:10( photos on later) 

also 10+ bar tailed godwits, 6+ whimbrel, 50+ black tailed godwits, 3 greenshank, 2 oystercatcher 100+ black headed gulls , 1 hobby, 30+ swallows.

Then headed over to exminster marshes and watched from 12:30 till 16:00

the AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER was viewable from the canal bank but distant along a ditch in line with the left of the 2 brick pillbox like structures , also hobby over, just as we were about to leave news of the gull billed tern showing by the lagoon has us heading back upto the fishermans car park but just as we arrived I watched as it flew over the lagoon and seemed to head back to the estuary.

about 15:20 just as we were leaving had a txt from James diamond saying 23 red kite over Woodbury then Tim Worfolk txt saying 5 over his house in topsham Stan stopped the car at the middle car park and then the RED KITES started flying over right over our heads at least 28+ flew over heading towads exminster a fantastic sight and what away to end a great days birding . also at least 3 hobby over the marsh

Posted May 23rd, 2015 at 4:43 pm by Keith Birchall in General Birding