Squacco Heron near South Milton 13th May

I had a shock while driving north up the A381 east of South Milton yesterday at 1335. What I initially took to be a Little Egret flew low across the road from left to right and, all the while losing height, banked and dropped out of sight in the area of Oldaway Farm. The alarm bells were ringing even before I lost sight of the bird as I had seen the dark head, but when it banked I was almost certain that I glimpsed dark coloration on the back as well.                                        Well anyway, try as I might I could not relocate the bird (I drove the minor road marked Oldaway and Woolston unsuccessfully). I was pretty sure with myself I'd seen a Squacco Heron (albeit briefly,  from a moving vehicle) and so rang out the news as "probable". I was pleased to notice that someone saw the bird later in the day though (don't know if this was in the same location though).

Posted May 14th, 2015 at 6:20 am by Perry Jonathan Smale in Bird News