Soussons Down - Great Grey Shrike

A beautiful day, very cold wind though! Arrived at around 1300, and headed towards the Great Grey area. Reached the clearing and found it birdless, decided to head down to stream to look in and around there, but with the same results. We began to walk back towards the clearing (with the strong winter sun shining in our faces!), when I saw a Shrike sized bird in a tree to our right. Even through the binoculars it was still a silhouett, so started walking closer to try and get some plumage colour. As we reached a suitable spot some extremely loud dogs turned up, barking in our faces! I looked up to see the 'shrike' had left (typical!). Met a man who had been watching the bird with the light shining from behind him, revealed that it was the great grey, but it was quite unsatisfactory, seeing as I had never seen one before! Kept looking for a better view, but instead we saw an extremely beautiful and obliging Fox, a supposed peregrine and many goldcrest. Overall a lovely day.

Posted January 18th, 2015 at 7:58 pm by Tom Michie in Bird News