Exminster Marshes

A walk around the southern half of the marshes, to the Turf and back along the canal required wellies. There were two seperate flocks of brent geese totalling about 300 birds on the fields near the lagoon. A larger flock was on the estuary on and close to Greenland Bank. At the Turf there were 4 red-breasted mergansers and one kingfisher in the approach to the canal entrance. 

Scattered over the fields were lots of golden plover, lapwing, curlew and wigeon. There were smaller numbers of starlings, dunlin (c200), black-tailed godwits (c150), shoveller (c40), pintail (c8), teal and mallard.As the tide dropped most of the waders made their way out on to the estuary leaving the wigeon and plovers.

Few small birds seen due to the strong winds but there were at least 2 chiffchaff on the canal bank.

In the garden a collared dove is nest building.


Posted January 10th, 2015 at 2:29 pm by John Waldon in Bird News