FOUR kingfishers on Braunton Marsh

This male kingfisher was one of FOUR we saw from our car on Saturday the 13th Dec in the space of 5 minutes & within about a mile of each other as we drove around the Great Field from Sandy Lane towards the village of Braunton. We know there were four, not the same one seen four times etc. etc. because of the distance of separation, (each was still present at their location when we left it) & observation showed at least one of the others was a female (grainy record image attached).

For the record; the 1st (u/k) was seen flying up Sir Authurs Pill before settling on a distant twig with a fish. The 2nd was this male seen on the Sandy Lane side of the Toll Road. The 3rd (female)was perched over the dike adjacent to Kiln Cottages at Velator & the 4th (u/k) was on the Tiki side of the humpback bridge at Velator, low down below the parapet & flew upstream before settling on a twig about 10 metres from its original perch. I think these sightings represents a healthy population in the area. Long may it continue!

Posted December 15th, 2014 at 1:58 pm by Phil & Sue Naylor in Bird News