East Soar

After phoning Perry I diverted the family walk to Bolt Head/Tail intending to scoop the easy Wryneck. Bill MacDonald directed me to the bird where he'd last seen it at 12.20 and - I couldn't find it! By 14.20 I had to admit defeat despite the help and good banter of Alan Doidge and Eric Wotton. Barefoot in the soggy fields of thistles and cow pats 'cos I forgot to pack my boots, I did come across a Dartford Warbler in the scrub bank between the hedge and the copse, which flew into the E. end of the copse, and a Grasshopper Warbler flushed from the juncus by the hedge, flying low to dive into the hedge. The female Merlin came overhead at 13.10, harrying a cloud of M'ipits and at 16.00 over East Soar Willows. Oh and Perry's Yellow-browed gave me the slip as well. Lovely day though.

Posted October 14th, 2012 at 7:00 pm by Steve Young in Bird News