Velator and Sherpa

After a day hacking at the vegetation in the reserve, I walked down past Sherpa to the runway lights. In the reserve still a Water Rail or two, seen all about the reserve, including running across under the main gate. Cetti's Warbler calling and a Red Admiral still in flight. About 30 noisy Redshank on the pill and a Green Sandpiper at Sherpa. I was hoping to find the Short-eared Owl seen hereabouts recently, no sign but as I turned to head back, a lovely (female?) Barn Owl appeared from in the rough area inside the RMB base. flew towards me then along the embankment towards the estuary. This had the advantage that I was looking down at it's right side and could clearly see a ring! - Probably one of mine. A Kingfisher landed on a snag the other side of the embankment and proceded to bash it's small fish a couple of times before seeing me and moving further away. Couple of Little Egrets and a Grey Heron around the marsh. I thought the weather had been warm but seeing a Swallow was a bonus - may be my latest Devon record? Finally about 40 Pied Wagtails looking as if they were heading for a roost somewhere.

Posted November 22nd, 2014 at 5:55 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News