Bideford & Barnstaple Bay

Mirror calm in the Bay this aft & very warm temperatures when the sun was out.

1 Great Northern Diver in the Bay.Timed several of the dives, one was for 3mins 45 secs & I bet it can stay under for longer than that.

While looking at the GNDiver from Saunton Down through the scope I spotted an unidentified marine animal which I have never seen the likes of before approx 2 miles distant. Surfacing twice vertically in quick succession with what appeared to be a neck approx 6 foot high & one foot wide  A minute passed by & the action was repeated a second time, both times close to the shore just beyond the surf  It looked like the neck & head of a juvenile Loch Ness Monster or ET! It came down with a splash each time.

You will no doubt already be thinking I have been drinking at lunchtime or Rob has finally taken leave of his senses! Not so.

Any suggestions?

A few Porpoise gently surfacing in the Bay as well

Posted October 14th, 2014 at 5:37 pm by Rob Jutsum in Bird News