Interesting Pomarine Skua

Yesterday afternoon this interesting juvenile Pomarine Skua came through (one of 28 seen, 20 were juvs).

A smaller Pom (see compared to Kittiwake, normally they're bigger than this one). Also I’ve never seen a Pom with such large pale bases to the upper primaries, tends to be a feature seen on some juv Arctics (and Bonxies). However, the pro-Pom features far out-way Arctic features on this bird, namely: broad-based wings, short looking rearend, quite blunt tail projections (and barely noticeable, but this is very variable feature), standout pale base of heavy two tone bill, standout pale barred uppertail-coverts / rump (forming pale patch which is very extensive in this bird), shape of head with typical dark eye mask and the birds overall colder colour despite being well lit. Also if it was an Arctic nape would be paler than rump.Pomarine Skua juvPomarine Skua juv
 Apologies for quality of heavily cropped image. For a good variety of juv Poms from 2011, see

Posted October 7th, 2014 at 9:32 am by Mark Darlaston in Bird News