Berry Head morning sea watch

Started at 0820 although a visiting birder told me Manx and Kittiwakes were already passing in large groups beforehand, Between 0820 -1220' with Tim Clyburn and John Lusher for part , passage  south included 

Manx shearwater 540, Balearic  Shearwater 12, Common Tern 20+, Arctic Tern 1, Black Tern 17 (groups of 8 and 9 around 1210-1215 during clear spell), Arctic Skua 11 (most around same time), Kittiwake 470. The  Common Terns were at times in far distance and seemed to be moving out from Hopes Nose towards deep water. 

Posted August 27th, 2014 at 2:26 pm in Bird News