checked here for meds again only to find 20 birds between17:35-1820 when again several flew inland dissappearing over hillside so i decided to try and locate them.As i neared my car three flocks juv/fw flew over heading in same direction as others totalling upto 70.I finally located them in a stubble field on new road instow.There were so many calling it sounded i imagine like a breeding colony.I managed to count 180 as quick as i could as on the move and taking off.Most of which were on brow of hill so most likely many more out of view.100ads,80 juv/fw.Before i left rocks there were 11 remaining plus around 100 medium gulls at skern containing im sure some meds allowing a safe total of 200+ in this area alone.No other posts for taw/torridge area so wondered if anyone else had any at same times?.Juvs came from barnstaple direction.Count made at 18:45.

Posted August 25th, 2014 at 11:39 pm by Robert Marshall in Bird News