1 2 3 around topsham

Another great morning around Bowling green marsh and from the goat walk watched from 07:35 till 14:25

Started at bowling green marsh the Temmincks stint was viewable in the same area as last night and showed on and off all morning and was still present when we left.

having heard that the spotted crake had been seen already moved back to try and get some better views but it was in the far right hand corner of the reeds on the far side as I was watching 1 in the reeds dean shouted he had another and I just managed to see it dissapearing into the reeds with the other still showing so 2 spotted crakes, 1 was in the far right hand corner just before we left. 

also on the marsh this morning 1 juvenile female ruff, the 1st avocet of the autumn was nice to see , 2+ spotted redshanks, 2+ knot, 600+ black tailed godwits, 1 common sandpiper , 3 snipe good numbers of curlew and redshanks, 20+ greenshanks, with small numbers of whimbrel, 16+ dunlin, 30+ teal, 6+ lapwing , 2 sedge warblers, 6+ reed warblers.

moved around to the goatwalk looking for the osprey that James diamond had txt me about early this morning and watched between 12:30 and 13:15 , me and Stan soon picked the it up on a log on the estuary over towards powderham corner eating a fish, then stan picked up a large bird of prey flying over powderham once I got the scope on it wow another Osprey this one was heading of south west always high until lost to view, then with the other still eating the fish on the estuary the 3rd osprey of the morning flew low out of powderham heading towards exmouth before being lost in the heat haze.

what a fantastic mornings birding 









Posted August 23rd, 2014 at 3:34 pm by Keith Birchall in Bird News