Bowling green marsh

Watched from 15:30 till 19:40

after a quick look from the viewing platform headed round to the marsh first bird was dunlin then next bird a stint very plain looking shouted to Dave boult who got on the bird eventually showed yellowish legs impression was Temmincks stint after more txtx and calls and with more views with other local birders ( MK, BH, DH, DS, MW thanks guys for your help) eventually nailed as Temmincks stint it was flushed at one point and flew out of the marsh showing white outer tail feathers very well it flew back in with 4 dunlin and  it stayed most of the time on the near bank in the left hand corner at times disappearing from site always distant but still present when we left. 

No counts done as busy with the stint but 2 spotted redshank, 5 knot and 21+ greenshank among the usual black tailed godwits( good numbers of juveniles) 14+ dunlin, curlew, redshank and whimbrel. 

Just after I got home had a txt with news of a spotted crake showing on far side left had side and temmincks still showing thanks spencer

Posted August 22nd, 2014 at 9:21 pm by Keith Birchall in Bird News