Sibe Chiff Plymouth

Thought I would venture out at c 3.30pm as there appeared to be a break in the heavy rain.Arrived at the Plymouth ,North Hill site (well described-thanks Rich/Laurie). At 3.45pm a Goldcrest and Robin flew out of cover followed by a sad 'tweep tweep' call and the Chiff sp appeared flycatching from groundcover up to the highest point of the tallest tree ! Sadly never heard it sing tho not surprising given lack of sunshine. Plumage-wise seemed good for Tristis to me-greyish, with greenish remiges and black bare parts.Olive-green wash in some light tho I also found the same with the Clennon Valley birds. Showed a delicate feint wing- bar on RHS. Nice bird in unusual setting (ie close to bus stops).


Posted January 26th, 2014 at 10:43 pm in Bird News