Yesterday at S.Efford Marsh

The Glossy Ibis was at S.Efford Marsh yesterday (sorry Rob).


I saw it at c12 afar in a ditch with Little Egrets whilst trying to work out how to get to the new hide (my first visit, shame there isn’t a laminated map on the gate: directions counter-intuitive as you turn away from the hide on a circular mudbath before going towards the river again).  The laminated sign saying not to turn left appeared to have no effect, I saw one person opposite the hide almost by the hedge approaching the ditch – putting up the Ibis? And later 3 other visitors (who appeared to walk into the middle of the marsh as I eventually found the footpath and started walking it - I had even advised one of these birders where the path was and not to go onto the marsh!).  On the other hand I also saw a Peregine fly over so it may have been spooked by this. Later c12:45 as I was returning, by the entrance gates I briefly saw the Ibis fly north over the river by the bridge (reminded me of times at Stodmarsh, Kent in the 1980’s – a quick sighting and equally quickly lost to view!).


Also seen: 2 Egyptian Geese north of the bridge, and Green and Common Sandpipers and a Kingfisher.



Posted January 23rd, 2014 at 9:05 am in Bird News