Ringed Avocet, Bowling Green Marsh

Further to Keith's post regarding the ringed Avocet: I too saw a ringed Avocet a couple of weeks back and sent the details EUring. I also noted the same bird in December  2013 adjacent to Turf Locks pub. I've just received the details for  the bird which is colour ringed as follows:

Left tibia:  Red over blue

Right tibia: Green over white

The email I received from the ringer stated: 

"it was ringed as a pullus - one of a brood of three, on Greenabella Marsh, Seal Sands, Cleveland on 5th July 2012.

It's excellent news that it is still doing well and I look forward to further sightings of this bird".

I took a note of two ringed Blackwits which when I receive a reply will post here for info.

Posted January 19th, 2014 at 8:57 pm by david cawthraw in Bird News