Farewell White-billed Diver?

Having heard that divers were starting to leave Brixham Harbour in calming weather, I walked round Berry Head quarry instead. Over a hundred auks were on the sea, some unfortunately showing signs of oil. At about 1310 I was watching four Great Northern Divers from the concrete platform used by anglers, when a big pale diver surfaced beside them and turned to show that now-familiar head profile of the White-billed Diver . It fed with the other divers for 45 mins or so until they all drifted further out into the bay and I lost them. As I turned away I was taken by surprise as a white-winged gull flew overhead and disappeared round the headland. The quick shot I managed looks like an adult Iceland Gull. I made my way back to the breakwater late pm to check for more white-winged gulls following returning trawlers, without success. However several boats were still fishing off the head towards dusk. The Black Guillemot and Slavonian Grebe were still showing on the sea from the breakwater.   


Posted January 10th, 2014 at 6:10 pm in Bird News