Monday 17th September, River Caen/Taw Estuary

A visit on the rising tide from around 3.30 to 7.30pm. About 10 adult and 2nd-winter Mediterranean Gulls, including an adult with a red colour-ring on its left leg, inscribed in white "?E?" reading down the ring. The top character was completely obscured by mud; the lower character was either a "1" or a "T". Online info suggests that this bird was ringed in either the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

We saw two Ospreys; one rather distantly in flight carrying a fish and crossing inland to the south of the Taw towards the Torridge; the other fishing (successfully) upstream of Fremington and then circling ever higher and higher and away to the ENE still carrying its fish, until it was lost to 'scope view in cloud at about 18.10! Highly intriguing. We could only imagine it was looking for a place to eat its meal far from gathering gulls, but couldn't understand why it would go so high or so far - almost like it was migrating. Seems like this bird could well be "Fearna" a first-winter female from Badenoch in the Scottish Highlands. See:

4 Spoonbills at Isley Marsh and about 20 Little Egrets in high-tide, pre-roost gathering. 120+ Pied Wagtails (with a few Yellows) going to roost in Typha on Braunton Marsh.

Posted September 18th, 2012 at 12:39 pm by Tim Jones in Bird News