Berry Hd

A slow start despite promising condition, but soon started to log thousands of redwing flying over most heading N and NE, then the highlight - a very vocal, showy Dusky Warbler along the northern edge of the meadow.

Dusky Warbler BH 11 Nov 2013 ML sketch      Dusky Warbler BH 11 Nov 2013 BMc

Dusky Warbler Sketches Mike Langman - photo Bill Macdonald.

Totals: 9,800 Redwing (and I stopped counting when the Dusky Warbler appeared but reliably informed several more thousand went over!) 16 Fieldfare, 22 Song Thrush, 2 Siskin, 1 Firecrest , 9 Goldcrest, 3 Chiffchaff - and a very odd buffy (leucistic) Meadow Pipit.

Redwings Berry Hd 11 Nov 13 ML

Redwings - one of the 'smaller' flocks! 


Ed. After locating the Dusky Warbler, Redwing counts stopped however MD was counting at the time when the bird was found and after I left the site. MD suggested at least another 5,000 passed through so the overall total was somewhere in the region of a staggering 15,000 Redwings so perhaps another county site passage count record broken! There were also more Fieldfare but surprisingly few considering the numbers of Redwing. 

Posted November 11th, 2013 at 1:50 pm by Mike Langman in Bird News