Hope's Nose area

Late news - Hope's Nose Quarry 28 October

1st year male Lesser Kestrel (photos above and below - copyright Simon Geary)

Apologies for the late posting but this wasn't even 'on the radar' until I looked at my photos last night and then I needed some expert opinion overnight to verify before sending people on a 'wild kestrel chase'.

On 28 Oct, the bird was hunting in the quarry at the point. Today it's been seen ranging further afield (inc nr Ansteys Cove) but still in the general area (todays location details to be clarified by Mike Langman).

Salient ID features shown in photos: pale claws (black in kestrel); wing tips reach tip of tail; plain head with with moustache but no dark eye-line; pale, unmarked bases to remiges with black tip (visible on photo); narrow, chevron-shaped barring above. Unfortunately no flight photos. 


Photos copyright Simon Geary.

A small pointed winged, pale under winged with dark tipped primaries was seen this morning on 3 occasions interacting with a female Common Kestrel which eventually saw it off. Unfortunately the views were all at distance until it was last seen around 11.30 heading north up a valley toward Anstey's Cove - which was checked thoroughly soon afterward. ML, MRAB, REB, BMc 


Posted October 29th, 2013 at 2:46 pm in Bird News