Lyme Bay Cruise

A cruise out of Brixham on Sunday started well with 7 Mediterranean Gulls and 3 Purple Sandpipers before we left the harbour. Then with some fantastic close sightings of Arctic Skuas - probably around 10 birds seen in total. a brief sighting of probably a Sooty Shearwater. An interesting Skua at the time of seeing it we had reservations over (almost entirely down to the way it flew off - fast and low - but not chasing) was actually a juvenile Long-tailed Skua. A bit of a choppy sea made watching and trying to get detail on slightly distant birds hard - thank goodness for good cameras (Mark Darlaston's in this case)!

  Arctic Skua & Kittiwale Lyme Bay 18 Sep 2022 Bill Coulson    Long-tailed Skua juv Lyme Bay 18 Sep 22 Mark Darlaston

   pale juv Arctic Skua and Kittiwake (Bill Coulson)          juvenile Long-tailed Skua (Mark Darlaston)


Posted September 20th at 8:03 am by Mike Langman in Bird News