More Gulls on the Moors

I experienced a similar mass moor Gull sighting to Nik`s, this morning at 11:45 at Landacre Bridge on Exmoor, which is just over the Somerset border. I was coming home from Chetsworth Water near Exford and on the road to North Molton when In the distance could see a mass of gulls circling in the sky. There were 100s and after crossing Landacre Bridge saw them alighting on the ground just above the bridge. They were obviously feeding in rank grass but were too far away to see on what? In the time that I was watching, the nos. swelled to between 500 and 1000. Mostly Herring Gulls but with just a small no. of Lesser Black-backed. 

Posted June 9th, 2013 at 4:18 pm by Maurice Clements in Bird News