Top of the Moors

The gull spectacle has started again on the moors with up to 1000 Herring Gull spread out over the hillsides around Challacombe, Hamel Down, over the hill to Shapley Common.  They were there all day foraging for invertebrates (I watch one taking beetles) and presumably chicks of ground nesting birds when they come across them. There were three Lesser Black Backed Gulls in amongst the flock and with a closer scan maybe there are more. The flock contanied a variety of ages mostly non breeding age classes but adults in there too.

It was quite surreal driving along the road with gulls flying off in front of the car, reminded me more of driving in coastal towns rather than on Dartmoor !!


Posted June 8th, 2013 at 6:28 pm by Nik Ward in Bird News