River Mole Valley

Over 80 Redwing heading east this morning. In the orchard 30 Chaffinch , Marsh Tit, Treecreeper, Nuthatch  Greenfinch Bullfinch Goldfinch and 12 Stock Dove.Best of all was a male Kestrel catching a vole.Also 24 Pheasant,one of which was chased by a squirrel. Also over 250 very mobile Starling landing on the crowns of the oaks before descending to feast on ivy berries…….being joined by 3 Mistle Thrush.250 plus finches in the bird mix….mainly Chaffinch ……..numbers increasing due to sheep grazing off the grass and exposing more seeds in readiness for ploughing.Also seen a small flock of 12 Pied Wagtails and a mixed flock of 170 Starling containing Redwing and Fieldfare……..Non avian included 3 female Roe Deer and the Palmated Newts are busy feeding on the frog spawn……..

Posted March 3rd at 7:41 pm by Brian Nicholas in Bird News