Tories area

Fields between Totnes and Dartington this morning: greenfinch, green woodpecker, gs woodpecker drumming, goldcrest, bullfinch, magpies, carrion crow, great tit, blue tit,. Meadow pipit flocks that have been around all week seem to have moved on (about 40 counted on one occasion).

Totnes garden - first ever firecrest seen flitting about next door's conifer and then on into our garden. Bright crimson crest alerted me to it. A male blackcap is a sudden frequent visitor on bird table plus a pair of bullfinches, greenfinches, nuthatch, blue tit, coal tit, great tit, dunnock and house sparrows. No sign of any siskins so far this winter. 

Posted January 9th at 2:53 pm by Jon Flynn in Bird News