Upper Tamar Lake

Late report from yesterday afternoon for interest. 3 'grey geese'  feeding in field about half way up but on Cornwall side. We were close enough from path to easily check beak colouration and confirm orange leg colour against Collins at the time. These plus darkness of head strongly said Tundra Bean Geese to me (note no white on face at base bill on any of them). Although observations were with binoculars I am still left wondering their origins as we were quite close and they were not spooked by a couple of other walkers. If any one else sees them would welcome some confirmation/thoughts - perhaps they will visit Devon! (Also Willow Tit calling and 2 snipe in flooded margins)

12 Goosander and 3 Tufted Duck from dam at Lower Lake

Posted January 9th at 8:22 am by Mark West in Bird News