Countesswear - Starcross

Along the canal bank, song from 6/7 Cetti's and squeals from 2 Water Rails.

On Exminster Marsh, failed like others to find the P-f Goose, but saw the Ibis and the Ruff, plus 3 Marsh Harriers, and 400+ Lapwings spooked by one of them.

In the estuary above Turf were the regular Golden Plover flock and several hundred Avocets, while from there down to the Kenn were 100+ Pintail, 20+ Mergansers, 400+ Dunlin, 30+ Grey Plovers, 20+ Barwits and, surprisingly, 4 Sanderlings.

In Powderham Park were 9 Gadwall. There are certainly far more around this Winter than for the previous two.

The last birds I heard in 2021 were the local Tawny Owl pair. As I type, they are out there again, making 70 spp. for the day; I joined the Young Ornithologists Club in January 1972, so that makes a good total to start a 51st year of birding.

Posted January 1st at 7:51 pm by James Camden in Bird News