Black Stork,north molton.

Went over the border today(chetsford water)exmoor.Had 3 cuckoos flying together along with 6 m,1f whinchat.After long day driving pulled over on road about 3 miles north of north molton nr stowford cross.My friend dawn barford remarked at a bird coming towards us from the sw looking like a heron.Check it out i said still with eyes closed remarking causually caes its a black stork.Have a look she said as it came nearer.So i did with bins,frigging hell it is a black stork!!!!!!.i shouted.Got out the car and bird stayed wheeling long enough to allow descent scopes to confirm its identity.Bird was losing hieght and drifting in an easterly direction towards south molton at 17:45.Went on a wild stork chase to try and locate it in any fields but to no avail,A real wild chance.Good end to the day and another case of right time righy place.

Posted May 6th, 2013 at 8:06 pm by Robert Marshall in Bird News