WANTED: Deceased birds ( especially waders and small passerines ) , EDITED .

WANTED: Deceased birds (especially waders and small passerines) , Hello , I have been growing a collection of British Natural history for the past year consisting of complete or partial bird skeletons . I'm enquiring if anyone has found any deceased birds ( ideally fresh but rotting birds may be considered )  or skeletons for them to perhaps kindly donate them to my collection . Also I do not condone the harm of any animals for the purpose of obtaining their skeleton .  I would be extremely grateful . Ideally collection in person or packaging and mail price may be considered and discussed . If you are interested please contact me on :

Twitter " @Tuftedbirder " 

or send an email to " titan07u@hotmail.com "

Many thanks, Unai

Posted September 17th, 2021 at 11:31 pm by Unai Marquez Pardo in Bird News