Bowling green and Exminster marshes

While day spent at both locations, starting to get those body winter numbers. No counts as there was just so many.

Bowling green. Rising tide to high

Curlew sandpiper, knot, curlew, whimbrel, redshank  black tail and bar tail godwit, pintail, teal, wigeon, mallard, little grebe, little egret, grey heron, lapwing, Canada geese, female Marsh harrier, hobby, sparrowhawk, jackdaw, crows, green dngr4at spotted woodpecker, black head gull, herring gulls, kingfisher, 

Exminster marshes falling tide.

Great white egret, grey heron, little egret, kingfisher pair, black tail godwit, black head gull, a murmuration of starlings, comorant, mute Swan, dunlin, black swans, wheater, curlew. The two spoonbill asleep in the area opposite the lion rest building, at a distance.

Posted September 14th at 4:48 pm by Annabel Sharpe in Bird News