I'm sure by now everyone seen the post of the warbler, i myself didn't see it, i mean i might have passed it and not known what i was looking at, i walked past the area at 12 but before the crowds arrived heard something unusual but was too tired to look. Instead I'll post other sightings on my three days on the island. 

Puffins galore, was great to see, not too many seen actively bringing fish back to the burrow, probably only spotted 4 doing that. 
Guillemots, razor bills all in high numbers, GBB gulls, LBB gulls, herring gulls, fulmars, kittiwake, skylarks, wheatears (and juv), whinchats (and young), starlings, goldfinch, chiff chaff, willow warbler, oyster catcher, pipits, Manx shearwaters very loud at night and some seen distant on the ferry crossings.  swallows, house martins, house sparrows, a lot of racing pigeons who didn't want to keep racing it seems, collard doves, blue/great tit, robin, dunnock,  gannets seen diving off shore. Ravens, crows, wrens, mallards (with ducklings) Shags, cormorants, 

other note, dolphin pods both crossings on the ferry and lots and lots of grey seals. was also swarms of different jellyfish on leaving day 

Posted June 9th, 2021 at 11:07 am by Annabel Sharpe in Bird News