Adult sum plum laughing ( or Franklin’s) paignton!

 On Sunday 30th of may My annual family holiday to Paignton started with a shock! Walked on to paignton beach at c7am to do a sweep of the 2 beach’s, right next to the pier with c15 herring gulls was a striking adult laughing gull ( or Franklin’s) still in shock I quickly got out my phone to take a photo but instantly all the birds took off! The yank gull flew towards Preston sands but I sadly couldn’t relocate it!????? in maybe the two minutes I watched this bird and in obvious shock the features I did observe all suggest laughing gull but I can’t 100 per cent rule out Franklin’s. I alerted Mike langham of the bird immediately. Andy shaw.

Posted June 4th at 8:48 am by Andy Shaw in Bird News