River Exe to Exe estaury

Next to Station road park I spotted the local Great-crested grebes which have been nesting next to a dam for the past 3 years .Along the river Exe today I spotted 3 swan nests one of which containing 7 eggs and another one 5 but the 3rd one is quite faraway so I haven't been able to get a good look .The female goosander seems to have been sleeping all day on the dam next to Mill on the exe , on the wheir next to Mill on the Exe there was a common sandpiper hopping along the small rocks on the wheir looking for worms and insects , this individual seemed to have missing one of its feet. On Trews Weir near Exeter Quay 3+ pairs of lesser black-backed gulls and 1 pair of great black-backed gulls also 25+ Herring gulls 2 thirds of which were 1st winters and 3rd winters the other third were adults. Cycling through the river Exe route past Riverside Valley park onto the Exe estuary 5+ little egrets 3 grey herons , a pair of blackcaps , 4+ jays calling and 3+ chiffchaff also calling .On the Exe estuary 8+ shelducks feeding on the mudflats along with 3+ redshanks and 2 oystercatchers.

Posted April 15th, 2021 at 10:29 pm by Unai Marquez Pardo in Bird News