Late post from Tuesday.....Braunton

I went for a walk on my own on Tuesday 30th as Sue was busy. Sandy Lane & Boundary road  around the Great Field and home via the allotments at Velator.  Notable were the number of small warblers,  some vocal, others silent. Chiff chaff were most numerous, I counted 14 and only 3 were vocal. I heard 1 Willow warbler singing and saw 2 possibles as they appeared greener/yellower than the Chaffs. 2 Sedge warbler were chattering away in undergrowth adjacent to the drain ditch not far from the holiday cottage site. I heard 3 but saw no Cettis warblers. No hirundine at all! 

Posted April 1st at 7:30 pm by Phil Naylor in Bird News