Cofton - Powderham 1100 - 1300

The open sea being far too choppy for me, without 'scope, to pick anything out, I concentrated on the lower estuary:

- from Cofton Steps, a G-n Diver;

- in the valley-bottom fields inland from Cockwood Harbour, c40 Cattle Egrets (almost like being in Spain);

- in Powderham Park, an Egyptian Goose (my first since the young fledged in June) and a Green Sandpiper;

- cumulatively in the estuary from various points, eight R-b Mergansers, six G-c Grebes (in the 1980s, the ratio would have been 30:0), ten Greenshanks and 50+ Turnstones;

- combinedly on Cockwood Golf Course and the flooded field on the N. edge of Starcross, perhaps 150 Curlew, 300 Black-tailed Godwits, 75 Oystercatchers and 75 Redshanks, plus uncounted, but 500+, Brents and ducks. These sites are, I believe, becoming increasingly important as high-tide refuges. 

Posted December 19th, 2020 at 9:58 pm by James Camden in Bird News