For the first time in a while, a rain-free morning. However a howling gale of wind straight in off the sea! 2 or 3 Chaffinches alarming led me to a roosting Tawny Owl, which drifted silently off. A Goldcrest and a Water Rail seen (another heard). Plenty of Green and Chaffinch emptying the feeders. Later on a Long-tailed Tit and a Chiffchaff being blown across the pond. Warm enough for Common Darters to be out and 2 Speckled Woods as well. Out on the scrape lots of Black-headed Gulls and the resident Swans along with Grey Heron and a Little Egret.

Anyone noticed if Coal Tits have had a good breeding season? They seem to outnumber all the other Tit species in my garden by at least 6 - 1. I also have several Nuthatch and a GSW this morning.

Posted November 2nd, 2020 at 1:46 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News